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Welcome to Douglas Stamping Company!

Douglas Stamping Company is the industry leading manufacturer and distributor of top quality shims, spacers, washers, the full range of NAAMS Assembly components, laser cutting and stampings in short run to production volume.

Established in 1947, Douglas Stamping Company manufactures and distributes the finest quality components at competitive prices. Search our product offerings using the Google Search link above, use the Standard Component Index or download a PDF copy of our catalog. (Our catalog is the easiest way to browse our shims for specific applications.)

The "DSC" prefixing our part numbers stands for Douglas Stamping Company. Genuine DSC components are manufactured in the U.S.A., in the Detroit Metro region.

Please beware of other companies selling sub-standard and imported shim, spacer and washer substitutes using our part numbers. DSC components purchased from us and our qualified re-sellers are genuine.

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DSC and NAAMS Standard Components

Douglas Stamping Company manufactures and distributes top quality shims, spacers, washers and the full range of NAAMS assembly components.

DSC Standard Components

  • Millions of pieces in stock and ready to ship
  • We are happy to fulfill any size order
  • Most orders from stock ship same day
  • DSC components are manufactured in the Detroit area
  • 1008-1010 full hard #1 temper #2 finish shim stock in metric and standard thicknesses
  • 3d CAD library (in STEP format) available by request

NAAMS Assembly Components

  • Suppling the full range of NAAMS assembly components
  • Most popular L-blocks, stop blocks and retainers in stock
  • Full line of rough locators in stock
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Laser Cutting and Etching

Douglas Stamping Company can laser cut and mark to your specifications. Whether you require a standard shim or spacer in a non-standard thickness or need a component cut to your drawing or print, we are equipped to meet your requirements.

Fiber Optic Laser Cutting

  • State-of-the-art 2KW Solid State
  • Mirrorless Fiber Optic
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous, including copper
  • Quick, accurate production of custom shims, spacers, washers, rings, gaskets and other specialty and custom items
  • Archetectural details

Laser Etching and Engraving

  • YAG Laser Engraver
  • Vector and bitmap graphic imports including AutoCAD
  • 0.025 to 4" character size in multiple fonts
  • Ring and angular writing
  • 12" square marking field
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Douglas Stamping Company began as a stamping house in 1947. While our capabilities and offerings have grown and changed over the decades, we maintain our expertise in traditional stamping processes for customer production runs and our product lines.


  • 19 through 80 ton OBI presses
  • Vertical and stacked horizontal coil handling
  • Roll straightning

Secondary Operations

  • Tumbler de-burring
  • Laser etching
  • Qualified relationships with heat treat and plating sources

Standard Component Index

Shims Washers
DSCH001 to H062
DSCH063 to H125
FS 15
FSD 14000
FSD 30000

TYPE 1,2,3,4 and DSC19XX
FSD 40000
FSD 41000
3 193 and 3 699
5 279
"D" Weld Washers
Shim Washers
Serrated Washers
DSCW Washers
DSCS Washers
DSCD Weld Washers
Spacers Prototype, Special and Custom
steel spacers
DSCP Spacers
FSD English Spacers
32740 Spacers
FSD Metric Spacers
33840 Spacers

42751 Spacers
41-502 Spacers
65163 Spacers
FS 21 Spacers
P113022 to 62
P113069 to 72
56ZF Spacers
Ring Spacers
Prototype, Custom and Specials
Our stamping facility features press capacity from 19 to 80 tons. We specialize in custom shims, from prototype to production quantities. We will make any shim, shim ring, ring spacer or washer, in any quantitity and size, from any material.
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NAAMS Components Locators
Naams Components
L Blocks
Stop Blocks
Pins And Retainers
NC Blocks
Trunnion Blocks
We manufacture and stock most of the NAAMS locators.
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Dumps, Retainers & Misc. Feeler Gages Feelers
Dumps and Misc.
Dump Components, Stub Shafts, Rings
Serrated Plates

We specialize in custom feeler gage stackups and shapes in steel and plastic.
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Insulating Bushings Insulating Washers
Insulating Bushings
Insulating Bushings

Insulating Washers
Insulating Washers

Douglas Stamping Company, Inc.
14231 W. Eleven Mile Road • Oak Park, MI 48237
Ph: 248-542-3940 • Fax 248-542-6342

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The "DSC" prefixing our part numbers stands for Douglas Stamping Company.
Genuine DSC components are manufactured in the U.S.A., in the Detroit Metro region.

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