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NAAMS Components

Blocks, Stop Blocks, Pins, Pin Retainers, Rough Locators, Stub Shafts and other components are available from Douglas Stamping Company. We provide these details to NAAMS, Ford, General Motors, Chrysler and other current and obsolete specifications.

Below is a partial listing of the NAAMS part numbers available. Most of the items are available for either Metric or English (inch) fasteners. Metric is usually designated by an 'M' suffix. English either uses an 'E' suffix or no suffix.

AAB100 - AAB401 Riser Angle Bracket
ACA001 - ACA223 Power Clamp Arm
ADP201 - ADP502 Dump Unit Stub Shaft and Spacer
AHB001 - AHB002 Riser Angle Bracket
ALB010 - APR071 Locating Pin Retainer
APS061 - APS250 Locating Pin
ARA450 - ARA801 Riser Angle Bracket
ARE061 - 143190 Locating Pin
ARL075 - ARL320 Rough Locators
ARP061 - ARP250 Locating Pin
ASC018 - ASC091 Crowned Stop Blocks
ASF020 - ASF091 Flat Stop Blocks
ASF001 and ASF002 Flat Stop Blocks
FSD, FS, CSS All stub shafts, stop blocks, L blocks and washers

Current drawings for all NAAMS standards can be found here, at the Auto Steel Partnership site.

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The "DSC" prefixing our part numbers stands for Douglas Stamping Company.
Genuine DSC components are manufactured in the U.S.A., in the Detroit Metro region.

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